Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Holidays up ahead

I was walking to the library on campus today when I noticed a girl dressed in a TNA parka with caramel coloured Ugg boots on. She had a woolly, patterned scarf tucked into the neckline of her parka and had knit mitts keeping her digits warm.

While her attire was a clear indication of the chilly weather has staken a claim here in southern Ontario, what really jumped out at me was the Starbucks cup that her mitt was wrapped around. My first thought was that I could really go for a soy London fog. Next, I realized the difference between yesterday's Starbucks cup and today's. They barely waited for Halloween to be over. I only just finished mourning over the loss of my pumpkins that I had carved into grinning Jack-o-Lanterns with such care. With 51 days until Christmas, Starbucks hasn't wasted any time promoting the coming Holiday season.

The sight of the holiday embellished cardboard cup put images in my head. I pictured myself sitting by the fire with a good book in hand-- The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood is the next on my list. I envisioned the snow falling outside the window coming to rest in lovely puffs on the tree branches of the forest in my backyard. Damn it, those corporate bastards and their advertising schemes are ruthless.

I adore the winter season, but I'm not quite ready to give up on autumn just yet.

Just a tidbit from the vault of the National Post:

Last year some dude tried to get people believing that Starbucks had put out a Hanukkah edition of the holiday cup.
Absolutely obsurd. A huge corporation like Starbucks wouldn't be stupid enough to get themselves into hot water with this idea.

Any thoughts?

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